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Halloween is coming!

Hi everybody !

You have been without news for a while now, and it may not have escaped you that we have been unable to add new content to UB for some time.

Yet Halloween is fast approaching, and we still provide the Zombie and VersusBoss special modes until mid November!


Throughout this period, various Halloween past items will be available on the shop, to complete your collection of monstrous equipment.

As tradition, by opening an Event Rune you have a chance to get a Rune from the previous year, allowing you to go back in time to acquire older weapons!

Exceptionally, you will have the opportunity to buy several Runes of different years, the "oldest" Runes being obviously more expensive than their younger sisters.

Do not hesitate to consult the items temporarily on sale in the shop: Halloween weapons and hats will be available for a limited time!


To finish, the seasons of XP ranking are back:
Reach a certain level of accumulated experience, or be part of the first 100 Nubs of the ranking to earn various awards every 2 months!

To keep you up-to-date with seasons and rewards, consider to check out the leaderboard tab directly from the Game Menu.

That's all for this little Edionews, we hope you will enjoy playing the special Halloween modes, despite the lack of novelty.

A huge thank you all for your support, we will keep you updated on the following of the events on The Ultimatest Battle!

By Esken - Oct 26 2018 at 18:00

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