Frequently Asked Questions

Installation problems
  • Installation problems with Windows

    If you have a problem installing Adobe AIR, check-out the following topic:
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  • Problem with Avast Anti-virus

    If Avast does not allow you to launch The Ultimatest Battle, you must manually allow it in the Avast settings:
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My account
  • I forgot my password

    It’s simple! when launching the game click on "Forgotten password" or click directly on this link:

  • How do I change my password?

    On your profile, click "Edit my account information", or if you’re connected, click on this link:

  • I haven’t received my confirmation email from Ediogames

    TFirst check your spam folder to see if the email is there. If you can’t find it there, don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

  • How do I change my e-mail address?

    If you wish to change the email address linked to your account, you must contact us via your current address, indicating the new desired address.

  • I forgot my email address, what do I do?

    Contact us listing your username and information about your account, we will provide you with your account address

  • My username has been changed, why?

    If your username was changed it was because it did not respect our terms of use, it was therefore modified by the Ediogames team so that your account doesn’t get deleted.

  • How do I change my username?

    One of the items available in our online store is the "Amnesia Pill", this item allows you to modify your username once (be careful, however, that it respects the terms of use and doesn’t contain any offensive content).

  • Deleting my account

    If you want to permanently delete your Ultimatest Battle account, send us a mail from the address linked to the account explaining your reasons for wanting to do so.

  • My account was hacked, what do I do?

    If the email address linked to your account can’t be modified, by resetting your password you will receive an e- mail with your new password allowing you to access your account.

  • How did my account get stolen/hacked?

    The only way to get your account stolen/hacked is by giving your password to someone, which is formally forbidden in the terms of use. Keep your account information safe by not sharing it with anyone. Even the friendliest player can have bad intentions.

  • What can I do if my account is stolen?

    If you’ve been robbed of your account, the worst case scenario is that Ediogames won’t be able to restore your lost items. Unfortunately, even if your items have been exchanged through "legal" means, this will not, in most cases, make it possible to recover these items.

  • Can I buy or sell an account / game items?

    The purchase or sale of gaming products is formally prohibited outside exchanges provided for this purpose, any person attempting such a transaction will be penalized (ranging from account suspension to a definitive ban).

  • Can I lend or share an account?

    Because the loaning of accounts is formally prohibited in the terms of use, doing so is at your own risk. If the user who borrows your account decides to steal your items, the studio will not be able to anything to help you.

Connection problems
  • Error: "Login / Incorrect Password"

    If your game does not start and the message "Login / Wrong Password" appears, there are several possibilities:

    • Your account has not yet been activated, in which case check your inbox to verify that you’ve received our confirmation message, then click on the link indicated.
    • Your login or password is incorrect, in which case check that you’ve entered the right information.
    • Your account has been temporarily banned: for various reasons your account has been be banned if you do not follow the terms of service. In this case, check your mailbox, a message was most likely sent to you explaining the reasons and duration of the ban.

  • Error: "Corrupted map file"

    If one of your map files has been corrupted, you need to go into the folder, delete the map and reload it the next time the game is launched.
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  • I want to report a problem; how do I do this?

    To report a bug, contact Ediogames support and specify as much as possible the problem in question. In case of a crash please indicate the time it happened and which server you were using.

  • I want to report abusive player behavior

    To report a player, contact Ediogames support, stating the reasons for your complaint. Preferably indicate the time at which the incident occurred and which server you were on with a screenshot to illustrate your comments if possible.

Purchase and payment
  • Payment refused: Credit card

    If your payment has not been accepted, please send an e-mail to the Ediogames support team specifying your username, date and time of your intended transaction.

  • Incorrect code: Audiotel / SMS

    If the code you entered does not work, it must be erroneous:
    Ediogames is not able to provide you with any new code.
    In this case, you will need to attach Allopass client support to recover your corrected code.

  • How do I receive my in-game purchases?

    When you buy in-game items and you're connected, you'll need to log out and reconnect to get your items. If your inventory is full, your items will be listed in your "Reserve":
    To view your reservation, go to your profile, it should appear above your inventory.

  • What can I buy on The Ultimatest Battle?

    The game shop offers various objects and services that allow you to modify your experience without having any advantage over other players.
    The weapons offered in the store may be obtained during the game or rewarded at end of a game.
    The only items available in the store are the Runes (allowing you to possess the Count Kheel weapons that will record the number of victims made with specific weapons) as well as certain services (expansion of inventory / change of pseudo).

The Game
  • I can’t talk anymore, why is this?

    A non-premium player has a limited number of exchanges: once they have used their 6 exchanges, he or she can no longer do so.

  • What are the benefits of becoming a premium player?

    A premium account stays premium for life. Becoming a premium player allows you an unlimited number of exchanges and gives you 120 additional inventory places.

  • How to become a premium player?

    Simply make a purchase in the store (minimum 1 €), or when another player buys a "Multipass Premium", have them enter your username while activating it.

  • The game stalls and is shaky

    UB requires the hardware acceleration of your graphics card to work, verify that it is compatible by going to this page

  • What are the different types of penalties?

    During gameplay a moderator or administrator may decide to mute you if your vocabulary or your message flow conflicts with the terms of use. In this case, you will regain your ability to speak after a few minutes. You can also be kicked out, i.e. expelled from a server for a few minutes. You can then join another server to continue playing. It is also possible to have your account banned, in which case you won’t be able to reconnect to your account until the ban has been lifted (an email will be sent to you specifying the reasons for and duration of the ban).