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Presentation of the TOU


These Term of Use (hereinafter the "TOU" or the "Agreement") set forth the conditions of use of the services provided by Ediogames (hereinafter "Services") to its users. They therefore determine the contractual framework of the relations between the user of the services (hereinafter "You") and Ediogames (hereinafter "We" or "Us").

Access to the Services is subject to compliance with these Terms of Use. Any user wishing to access it must have read and understood these TOU and undertakes to respect them without reservation.





By accepting these Terms of Use You acknowledge that you are a natural person who has reached the age of majority in your country of usual residence or has obtained the authorization of your legal representative (parent or guardian) to access the Services.

By creating an Account, using the Services, downloading the Game and accepting the Terms of Use, You agree to abide by all of the rules set forth below. In the event of disagreement with the latter, You are requested not to use the Services offered by Ediogames, which reserves the right to delete the Account on its own judgment or on Your request.





Since the Services are available on the Internet, You must have an Internet connection. All costs of telephone connections and Internet access are at your charge. Ediogames is not responsible for any damage you may suffer as a result of using an Internet connection or installing malware on your computer.

Ediogames grants you a limited, non-exclusive and non-transferable license to access and use the Services and their content. This license is subject to compliance with the rules laid down in these TOU.



Account creation


Access to the service requires the creation of an Ediogames account (hereafter Account). You can create an Account by clicking on the '' Registration '' button at the top right of https://www.ediogames.com. It is also possible to be returned to the registration page from the Game by clicking on '' Create an account ''.

In order to create your Account, you must be an individual who has reached the legal age in your country of habitual residence or has obtained the consent of your legal representative (parent or guardian) if you are a minor.
This Account is a user account made available to you via a valid email address and a password.


Any Account created with an e-mail address known as "dustbin" or "disposable" is prohibited, and may be the subject of a deletion of this Account.
The Account and its contents remain the property of Ediogames. You only have a right of access to the Services, through an Account placed at your disposal.
The creation of multiple accounts by the same person is prohibited.

Creating an Account requires the following information:

- An account name (or Pseudo)
- Your name
- Your first name
- An email address (valid)
- A password



The management and the edition of the Account is done exclusively on https://www.ediogames.com/ by clicking on your account name in the top right after being connected.



The Account must respect the following rules:


- Your personal information must be accurate, verifiable, complete and up-to-date. A valid and personal email address must be filled in.
- You agree not to use proxies or virtual private networks (VPNs) for account creation and account login.
- The creation of an account other than manual and / or using a false or fraudulent identity is prohibited.



Creating and editing rules


Your email address used to connect to the services is not visible to other users who only see Your "Account Name" (or Nickname, or Pseudo). You can find other users and add them in your '' Friends list '' via the game community or on https://www.ediogames.com/users

Your Account Name (or Nickname, or Pseudo) and the name of the Garrison (or Teams) must respect the following rules:


- Do not be vulgar or insulting
- Do not have a political, ethnic, community or religious connotation
- Do not promote a commercial service
- Do not use, copy or resemble a trademark or any term or illustration protected by copyright
- Do not contain your real name and / or first name
- Do not contain sexual or pornographic connotation
- Do not refer to an entity that is prohibited by law
- Do not look like or mimic the name of a moderator or member of Ediogames
- Be pronounceable and readable (terms such as "ghtfknjs" are to be avoided)
- Do not spell alternately to bypass the above rules

With the exception of spelling and pronunciation, the rules for Nicknames also apply to your profile image (or Avatar), editable in the management of your Account.

The assessment of the respect or non-respect of these rules is left to the free judgment of the team of Ediogames.




For obvious reasons of confidentiality and security to prevent theft of your account, You agree to:

- Do not disclose your e-mail address and password to a third party
- Do not lend your Account to a third party
- Do not use the Account of another user
- Use a personal mailbox and do not share it
- Be easily reached by Ediogames, via your private messaging on the site and your e-mail address

In no event shall Ediogames be liable for theft or loss of your Account and its contents, or for any alteration that may occur to your Account.

You acknowledge that you are the user of your Account and responsible for actions made through your Account and your Account.

You acknowledge that you are responsible for all electronic communications and content sent from your computer and that You must use the Services in compliance with these Terms of Use.






Subject to the acceptance and observance of these TOU, the Company grants you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable and revocable license to access and use the Game and to download, install and use Clients for your personal and non-commercial use.

Client may only be used in connection with access to the Game. You acknowledge that the use of other connection techniques than the official clients provided by Ediogames is prohibited. You also acknowledge that use of the Game other than manual (via artificial intelligence, or Bots) is prohibited and punishable by sanctions, which may range from the banning of your Account until it is deleted.
You are authorized to install the Clients on any computer that you certify to be the owner or for which You have rights so that you are allowed to install computer programs as well as to retain these files for backup purposes.

The license granted to you is a limited license, any use of the Game and / or Clients in disagreement with these Terms will be deemed a violation of Ediogames' copyright.

You acknowledge that disassembly, decompilation or even partial modification of any part of the Customer is strictly prohibited.

Except for official updates, the modification of the Game and / or the Client is prohibited. Without permission of Ediogames it is forbidden to modify or make modify any file forming part of the Game or Clients, it is also forbidden to create derivative works of the Game.

You acknowledge that it is forbidden to connect to the Game other than by the tools and means proposed by Ediogames. It is strictly forbidden to use hackers, emulators, proxies, VPNs or any
other derivative means of connection that are not the official tools offered by Ediogames.

The use of Clients for any development of computer program is forbidden.

You acknowledge that it is forbidden to create, use or promote any program or tool that may cause harm to the Game or the Clients or alter the Games experience. It is therefore prohibited to use or promote programs such as bots, viruses, Trojan horse, hacking tools, cheating means, automation software, modification software or any other unauthorized software, intended to modify the Game or Clients.

You agree not to spy on or intercept internal Ediogames communications, or to attempt to use an interceptor for data and protocol. The emulation of the protocols, the recovery as well as the displacement of the latter in another protocol are strictly prohibited.

The development and the distribution of modifications of the Clients in the form of modules (hereinafter "Module" or "Modules") without an authorization from Ediogames is prohibited. Any Module developed, distributed or used by the Clients must be placed under a license of development and use of Modules granted by Ediogames.

You agree not to use and / or exploit the Clients and / or the Game for commercial purposes.

You agree not to distribute any or all of the Clients and accompanying files without prior written permission from Ediogames.

You agree not to create, use or distribute any program that is not distributed by Ediogames and that may be used to modify the characteristics of your Account or that of a third party at the risk of damaging the interests of Ediogames.

The use of the Game in such a way as to damage it, to circumvent its operation or to block its access is strictly forbidden.

You acknowledge that the Account and all the content of the Game are the exclusive property of Ediogames. You prohibit the sale or the bartering of any object resulting from the Game, except for the framework of the exchanges in game authorized by the rules of the Game. You agree not to trade elements resulting from the creations of Ediogames and to not promote such activities that infringe the rights of Ediogames.



Rules of conduct


You agree to be respectful towards other users and members of Ediogames, threats, insults, and any other act which may put an uncomfortable user are prohibited.
It is forbidden to make racist, discriminatory, offensive or contrary statements to the French, European or international laws and this whatever the language used.
Ediogames can not be held responsible in case of non respect of these rules of propriety.

You agree not to pollute the different chat by spam or any commercial offer whatsoever, not to cheat in any way or attempt to access the Account of another user or to Collect and / or disclose personal information

You also agree not to promote any product or service in any way through the means of communication offered by the Game and the Services. Ediogames may exceptionally grant this
publicity right if it concerns fan and / or forum sites related to the world of Ediogames games, as long as they do not infringe the current legislation, or these TOU.

It is forbidden to make or attempt to do any commercial activity whatsoever on the Game, Site and Forum of Ediogames.

Your internal communications to the Game may be recorded, analyzed or erased by Ediogames, which reserves the right to check compliance with these Terms of Use.

You acknowledge that you are responsible, not Ediogames, for all communications and content sent from your computer and that You must use the Game only in compliance with the laws and these TOU.

You agree not to exploit game loopholes or any errors that will allow you to benefit from the game (such as gaining experience, winning objects, duplicating objects, etc.); You also agree to immediately notify Ediogames when you notice any flaw or error in the Game via the Support or Forum.

You are prohibited from participating in any way in any attack against the Ediogames servers.

Use of the Services offered by Ediogames shall not violate national and international laws and regulations.





In order to improve the Game experience, Ediogames reserves the right to make updates and changes to the Customers and the Game. In order to continue playing the Game, you must install these Updates. The Game, the Clients and their updates constitute an indivisible whole, indissociable from their components which remain all subject to the present TOU.





In addition to the rules set out in these Terms, certain forum-specific rules may be declared on the latter.

You agree to write in a correct and understandable language, the language '' SMS '' is to proscribe.

You agree not to share your personal information as well as your username and password of your Ediogames account on the forums.

You agree not to impersonate any third party and / or to appear as a moderator or any other person affiliated with Ediogames.

You must respect other users as well as Ediogames members. Disrespectful remarks are to be avoided, such as insults, defamatory, xenophobic, homophobic, racist, etc.
Ediogames can not be held responsible for non-compliance with these rules.
Should threats be made against the physical integrity of a person, a report may be made to the competent judicial authorities.

You agree to read all the answers of a subject before answering it yourself, as well as to search on
the Forums any topic related to the topic you wish to address in order not to create a new topic on a subject already addressed. You are also asked to use the Forum category corresponding to the theme of your message.

It is prohibited to publish or promote illegal, threatening, defamatory, obscene, racial, pornographic or objectionable content. Among other things, it is forbidden to promote any form of cheating, modification of Game Clients, as well as phishing sites, sites selling virtual objects ...
It is prohibited to promote products and services of third parties, whether for commercial purposes or not, without prior authorization from Ediogames.

You agree not to harm or attempt to undermine the integrity and proper functioning of the Forums.

Massive sending of private messages is to be avoided, whether to a user or an administrator. Be sure to condense your information into a single message and not renew it.

It is forbidden to open a subject in order to probe users or to launch a petition, unless otherwise indicated by Ediogames.

You agree not to disclose private communications between Ediogames and You. Therefore, it is forbidden to post a message dealing with a Account suspended, deleted or modified in advance by Ediogames.

Ediogames is not responsible for the links posted on its forums, clicking links posted by other users is at your own responsibility.

Your messages can be edited or deleted if they are deemed inappropriate, these practices do not engage the responsibility of Ediogames who remains free judge in the consideration and appreciation of the messages.

Finally, you reserve the right to respond to users who do not comply with the above rules.

In general, the rules specific to Forums are also applicable to private messages between users.





Ediogames reserves the right to limit, to block access, to delete an Account if the user does not respect the present TOU, especially if the latter recidivates.
The sanctions applied according to the types of fraud detected are left to the discretion of Ediogames.





Some individuals may suffer epileptic seizures when exposed to particular forms of light or flashing lights. Exposure to such forms or such images on a television, or due to playing video games, may induce an epileptic seizure in such individuals. Any person who suffers from epilepsy must consult a doctor before playing. If you experience dizziness, impaired vision, muscular or visual spasms,  involuntary movements, disorientation, loss of consciousness, or convulsions whilst playing, stop playing immediately and consult your doctor.


You acknowledge that these Terms of Use may be modified between each update, where you will be required to re-accept the TOU.


Applicable law


The TOU are subject to French law.






The Ediogames Team

Last updated: March 2017

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