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Harvest mode and Easter event

The Ultimatest Easter event just began, and will last until April 16th!

■ Harvest mode

This mode will be available for the duration of the event.
Collect eggs by digging the field, and bring back as many as you can to your base.
The team that brought the most eggs to its base at the end of the allotted time wins.
There are three different eggs: the blue and red worth 1 point, the yellows ones worth 3.
You can see the eggs of your team's color across the field.

Each Nub can only take one egg by one, with the exception of the Glutton who can carry 3.
You can directly pick up the eggs at the opposing base.
When you carry an egg, you can not be under the effect of enchantment invisibility or invincibility.

■ Egg rankings and awards

During the event you will win Golden eggs as end-game reward, in any game mode.

These eggs can be exchanged for several rewards: from the simple weapon to the brand new Easter grave in "Authentic" quality!


Get as many Golden Eggs as you can and be one of the Top 100 Harvesters of the Year to win an exclusive numbered Golden Ladle!

Eggs exchanged for rewards will still count in your total eggs harvested.

Finally the three Easter pets (Tack O'Bell, Easter Tack O’Bell & Chocofowl) will be obtained as end-of-game reward for the duration of the event.

That's all about our Easter event!

Happy hunting to all, beware of liver attacks, and see you very soon for another Edionews.

By Esken - Apr 02 2018 at 15:05

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