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2017 Christmas Event

Happy Holidays !

The Christmas event just started on UB, enjoy the end of year festivities until December 29th included.


From December 15 to 29, collect a maximum of Ice Tokens to get exclusive items from Christmas 2017!

Remember to collect the daily rewards of your Advent Calendar, a gift per day awaits you until December 25th.


Get your Ice Tokens by accumulating "Ice Fragments" throughout the event:
-In end-of-game reward.
-By finishing your daily quests.
-By participating in your Guild quests.
-By collecting it directly on the ground after killing an opponent.

By combining 4 Ice Fragments you will get a brand new Ice Token, which you can use from the Main Menu for the rewards of your choice.


As tradition dictates, exclusive items to the Christmas event can also be obtained as end-of-game rewards at a low rate until December 25.

The different gifts you can redeem with Ice Tokens:
-Christmas Accessory Chest: Costs 5 Ice Tokens, contains a 2017 Christmas accessory and a Lottery ticket.
-Christmas Hat Chest: Costs 10 Ice Tokens, contains a 2017 Christmas hat and a Lottery ticket.
-Title: Costs 20 Ice Tokens, grants you the new title "Cryo Genius" and a roll of Lottery tickets.
-Tomb: Costs 20 Ice Tokens, grants you the new grave "Fireplace" as well as a roll of Lottery tickets.
-2016 Christmas Chest: Costs 25 Ice Tokens, contains a lottery ticket as well as two Christmas hats 2016, or a chest of the previous year.
-UBmon: Costs 40 Ice Tokens, grants you the new pet "Lilfoo" as well as a roll of Lottery tickets.


The 2017 Christmas Rune will remain available on the shop until the end of the year, you can get one of the 7 exclusive weapons at Christmas 2017, or a Rune of the previous year.

With the 2016 Christmas Chest and the 2017 Christmas Rune, you'll be able to "go back in time", and the luckiest of you may get exclusive items from a previous year.


When you open a 2017 Rune, you have a slight chance of getting a rare bonus item: "The Sleigh Bazooka"!



The Guild Quest System has been revisited so that all your allies can have their Guild Tokens, even if they were unable to participate in the quest.


Now a member of your Guild connecting after the end of a quest will receive his Tokens at his connection, as long as new quests do not replace the previously completed quests.


Remember that you have until the end of the year to send us your creations, either by posting them on the Hub of the Steam community, or by sending them directly by email to support@ediogames.com.

There is no imposed theme: drawing, sculpture, video etc, we accept everything your brain can imagine!

In any case remember to tell us your nickname in UB so we can easily give you your rewards, or consolation prices.


That's about dear Nubs, we wish you all Ultimatest holiday season!

By Esken - Dec 15 2017 at 13:08

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