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Ultimatest Battle and Steam Direct

Dear Nubs, beloved beta-testers,

Today is not a Tuesday like any other: we will officially audition UB for Steam!


You might not have heard the news: Steam Greenlight officially closed its doors for good last week.

The initial plan was to propose UB on the Greenlight a few days before the Japan Expo in 2017, so now we must fall back on the newest solution proposed by Valve: Steam Direct!


But what is Steam Direct?

Unlike Greenlight, a project offered to Steam Direct will not be subjected to community votes.

After submitting the file, Steam reserves the right to analyze the game for 30 days before deciding whether or not to publish it on its platform.

The launch of Steam Direct is happening today, so we’re taking the opportunity to submit UB from the beginning in order to be one of the first studios to take this new step.

That’s pretty much it for the main updates, the next few weeks will be decisive for UB: you will obviously be kept up to date with the sequence of events ;)


You probably won’t realize it by reading this article, but this “news” is the first available in a different language ​​on our site!

Beyond just having articles in English, we’ve also opened servers in America so that players from all walks of life can line up for an Ultimatest Battle.


These servers act as tests and will see their numbers increase when UB is officially integrated with Steam.

If you know someone on the other side of the Atlantic, now is the time to have them try out UB!


We will quickly get back to you with updates on our summer event which will take place from mid-July to early September.

Just like last year, the event will be divided into three distinct parts, each with a musical theme: Rock - Reggae and Hip Hop!


Not to be missed: plan to visit us on the weekend of July 8th, we’ll be waiting for you at the Japan Expo in Paris ;)

We’ll be back very soon with other Ultimatest news!

Peace, love and Ultimatest Battle!

By Esken - Jun 13 2017 at 15:35

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<Aranelle> Awesome !
(Jun 13 2017 at 16:50)

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