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Update 0.28.0


Discover our Halloween event from October 20th to November 12th.

Enjoy the Zombie and Versus Boss game modes!

Accumulate as many "Vertebrae Rings" and "Acid Cauldons" as possible, and get a maximum of exclusive Halloween items!

Exchange your "Vertebrae Rings" for different "Cursed" items.

Cursed items can be used to be turned into "Acid Cauldons", which allow you to obtain rarest items of this year event.

"Cursed" quality will disappear one week after the event ends, but none item will be destroyed.



Omnious Chest 12

Omnious Chest 15

Items contained in these chests are obtained in "Cursed" quality, and can be destroyed to create “Acid Cauldrons”.

Nightmarish Chest 10

Limited to 4 openings, it is not possible to get the same item twice.

2016 Halloween Chest 12


An exclusive 2017 Halloween Rune will be available during the event. In this event Rune you will be able to get one of the exclusive Halloween 2017 weapons, or a rune from the previous year to maybe earn an older exclusive item!

When you transmute a 2017 Halloween Rune, you have a small chance to receive the rare bonus item from this year: the Shield of the Skeleton King!



The Legendary Hats system has been modified :

Starting from update 0.28.0, every time a Rune is opened your chance to get a Legendary increases slightly.

Once a legendary hat has been transmuted, its obtention rate goes back to its initial value.

That new system is retroactive! It means that the more Runes you opened without getting legendaries, the more chances you have to get one during your next transmutation.


From servers list, you can now click on "Create a server" in order to choose your maps, your modes and your server capacity.

Your server will be automatically hosted in the nearest area in order to optimize the latency.

The same player won’t be able to open many servers simultaneously, you will have to wait for your server to be empty and to shut down before you open a new one.


You have until November 2nd included to send us your creations, if you wish to be part of our Halloween FanArt Contest!

Winners will receive exclusive Halloween items in "Reward" quality, and all participants will still get a compensation accessory, so do not hesitate!

To try your luck you just have to post your work on the community hub (specifying your nickname on UB, as well as the mention "Halloween 2017"). You can also send us an email at support@ediogames.com, don't forget to mention your username on The Ultimatest Battle!

Weapon modifications:


  • Bazookarton: now has 5 clips (instead of 6).
  • Wazabi gaz: can now make critical hit.


  • Ram Shield: slow the target for 3 seconds (in addition to launching the target)
  • Kaptain Karnage's Shield: can now make critical hit.
  • Random Shield : reduce damage from -50%, 0%, 20% or heals 25% of the damage (instead of -50%, 0%, +50%, +100%).


  • Sugarcane Blowgun: gives 1 critical strike bonus to an ally target (in addition to the speed and debuff bonuses).
  • Machete: crtitical hit rate is now 1/50 (instead of 1/5), damage passes to 40 (instead of 45), inflicts bleeding for 4 seconds on each hit (instead of only on critical hit).


  • Healing escape: removes slowdown and immobilization (except trap and net).
  • Kunai Teleporter: teleportation can be activated with the action key (E).
  • Teleportation Maki: teleportation can be activated with the action key (E).


  • Shovel-Mace: right-click cooldown changes to 4 seconds (instead of 5).


  • Granny Karnage's Bazooka: the number of clips decreased to 10 (instead of 20).
  • I Rule Bow, Bat, Shovel-Bat, The Log: right click's critical hit damages are correclty calculated.