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Seriously? I've noticed it seems to get a lot of hate in this forum but I genuinely like the game. Admittedly it wasn't the best game but I still like to go back and play it when I get the time and personally I think it holds up better than something like Budokai 2, and especially better than Final Bout, which people seem to consider 'Bad, but not as bad as UB22'. So I want to ask, is there anyone else here that actually liked UB22? And if you don't like it could you please explain to me what made this game so hated?
Also, I prefer it much better to the gameplay of the Tenkaichi series

Please help.

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who r u

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Je m'attendais à des réponses constructives et je vois que ça. x)

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fOrTnItE iS bEtTeR

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its a very good game with hight potential and i love it the 2 main problem are:
-very very veyr repetitive and i can understand ppl wich get bored
-so few update and yes i know there is not more lot of dev and that too bad

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